Marek Kultys - portrait by Matteo Farinella
Portrait by Matteo Farinella
Marek Kultys

I'm a Designer at Science Practice, where I work on science-related data visualisation and interaction projects. At Science Practice I led our work on Sequence Bundles, helped conduct research for challenge prizes, and spoke at workshops and meetups.

I also work at Ctrl Group where we design and research healthcare products and experiences. At Ctrl Group I design expert interfaces, user experiences, and patient education/training materials.

In 2013 I advised the UCL iGEM:E team on a lab-in-the-box project. In 2014 we started building the bento•lab. Until the end of 2014, I led bento's product design and brand development work, and very early user research.

In 2011 I wrote my MA thesis about CETI — Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. In my research I tried to find out if information theory and science fiction can help us better understand CETI... I found it can. In March 2016 I joined the Advisory Council at METI International — a new organisation leading global efforts in messaging extraterrestrial intelligence.

Since 2012 I've been designing and running hands-on design workshops which covered topics such as: visualising data, visualising paradoxes, and using visualisation for speculation.

From time to time I write about design, co-author scientific papers, talk at conferences, and guest-teach at universities.

Drop me a line or connect with me online, if you'd like to chat about design and science, data visualisation, ideas for start-ups, even sending messages to aliens... or simply to say

More details in my CV.

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