Marek Kultys - portrait by Matteo Farinella
Portrait by Matteo Farinella
Marek Kultys

I work as Team and Design Lead for the Science Practice BioDesign team, where we help life science organisations design and prototype digital tools for better discovery, understanding, and utilisation of biological data. Previously, I led our design and development work on Sequence Bundles and our research on Antibiotics challenge for the Longitude Prize 2014.

Between 2013 and 2017 I worked at Ctrl Group where we designed and researched healthcare products and experiences. At Ctrl Group I designed expert interfaces, user experiences for new products, education/training materials for patient, and conversational interfaces.

Since 2012 I've been designing and facilitating hands-on design workshops that cover topics such as: visualising data, visualising paradoxes, and — most lately — desing-led research.

In 2013 I advised the UCL iGEM:E team on a lab-in-the-box project. In 2014 we started building the bento•lab. Until the end of 2014, I led bento's product design and brand development work, and very early user research.

In 2011 I wrote my MA thesis about CETI — Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. In my research I tried to find out if information theory and science fiction can help us better understand CETI... I found it can. In March 2016 I joined the Advisory Council at METI International — a new organisation leading global efforts in messaging extraterrestrial intelligence.

From time to time I write about design, co-author scientific papers, talk at conferences, and guest-teach at universities.

Get in touch if you'd like to chat about design, life sciences, data visualisation, even about sending messages into space... or simply to say

More details in my CV.

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