I design tools that place the power of AI in the hands of expert users. I specialise in digital health and life sciences.

I lead the Merlin design team in AstraZeneca's Digital Health. We build digital tools that help clinical trial teams design and optimise their studies to be patient-centric, cost-effective, feasible, sustainable, and more diverse.

Previously at BenevolentAI, I set up the UX function and hired a stellar design team. We designed a product platform that gave scientists access to powerful AI models at scale. This helped Benevolent scientists build a diversified drug pipeline.

Earlier, I designed a novel data visualisation method for bioinformatics, a visual identity for a biotech unicorn, and concept products in genomic medicine, clinical trial data sharing, and portable DNA research.

I also speak at conferences, serve as a design mentor, write about UX, and bring up three little human beings.