Writing and speaking

Speaking on the Health Tech Matters podcast

August 2021

I was invited to speak on the Health Tech Matters podcast about co-designing products for expert users, building UX teams in deep-tech companies, and the challenges of developing an AI-powered platform for drug discovery at BenevolentAI.

Four things I learnt hiring my first UX team

March 2021

Hiring for the first time is not easy. For me personally, it was challenging and daunting but also exciting and gratifying. I was lucky to receive support from my colleagues at BenevolentAI, but I also had to figure a lot of things out on my own.

I hired my first UX team in 2020 and learnt a lot in the process. Here, I share my learnings to help other first-time hiring managers hire a team that they’re proud of!

Looking for a Warm Fuzzy Feeling: Challenges of Designing an AI Platform for Drug Discovery

November 2019

I was invited to speak at WUD Silesia 2019 about my design work at BenevolentAI. In this talk, I focus on designing complex products that use AI technologies and how it led me to revise some of my previously held beliefs about what good design means in this new technological context.

Principles of Designing Information Experiences

June 2018

I co-wrote this blog post with Simon Hazelwood-Smith while working at Science Practice. It’s a write-up from a talk we gave in 2018 discussing some of the design principles we used in our BioDesign team when working on client projects.

Measuring Soil Health with Nanopore Sequencing

June 2017

At Science Practice, I worked with Simon Hazelwood-Smith to explore the possibility of using MinION genetic sequencer to measure the microbiological biodiversity of soil without our own lab. We tested the usability of hardware and software for sequencing, and found insights into how agriculture could use new technology to monitor soil health.

Lab Notes from the EBI Summer School in Bioinformatics

June 2016

In 2016, I joined the Summer School in Bioinformatics organised by the EBI. I documented our process for the genome assembly project and published my notes on GitHub. I hope this helps others take their first steps in bioinformatics.

Communicating Across the Cosmos, Part 3

January 2015

This is the last post from my series about communicating with extraterrestrial intelligence. In this post, I discuss my master’s thesis, which I presented at the Communicating Across the Cosmos workshop organised by the SETI Institute.

Communicating Across the Cosmos, Part 2

January 2015

In this second instalment in my series about communication with extraterrestrial intelligence, I summarise the discussion that I participated in at the Communicating Across the Cosmos workshop organised by the SETI Institute in 2014.

Communicating Across the Cosmos, Part 1

November 2014

This is the first post from a series about communication with extraterrestrial intelligence that I wrote at Science Practice. In this part, I discuss the historical context for sending messages into the cosmos and a possible way forward.

Sequence Bundles: a Novel Method for Visualising, Discovering and Exploring Sequence Motifs

August 2014

I was the lead author on this peer-reviewed article introducing Sequence Bundles, our new sequence alignment data visualisation method. Since then, the paper received multiple citations and led to another publication I co-authored in the high-impact Nucleic Acids Research journal.

Rudiments of Visual Design for Data Explorers

January 2013

After running my first Visual Design for Data Explorers workshop, I was asked to publish a write-up in Parsons Journal for Information Mapping. I discuss selected elements and properties of the visual language that should be considered when designing data visualisations.