Work that I'm proud of


At BenevolentAI, I lead the work of our product design team. Currently, I focus on target identification, one of the key challenges in the early stage of the drug development process. We use various computational technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI, and a range of design patterns to help drug discoverers explore and select the best targets for validation.

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BioDesign Team

In 2017–2019 I led a design and research team focused on helping life science companies design and build software products. We worked with Lifebit, Genomics PLC, Repositive, NatureMetrics, Discngine, RebelBio.

Sequence Bundles

Between 2013–2016 I led the design and development of a novel method for visualising and exploring biological sequence data. Sequence Bundles were built, launched, and published in collaboration with EMBL-EBI.

Ctrl Group

In 2014–2019 I led and contributed to a range of design projects at Ctrl Group, including instructional design and training experiences for participants in clinical studies, a conversational interface for patient management of depression, and a patient-friendly health data report.

The Bento Lab

In its early product days, I helped to set out the vision, understand the users, and define the shape of the Bento Lab, the world's first personal DNA laboratory.


I worked with Immunocore between 2011–2013, just before they became a biotech super-star. Amongst other things, I designed Immunocore's logo which is still being used today!

Visual Design for Data Explorers

I authored and led a series of hands-on workshops for data science academics and professionals, introducing them to the principles and best practices of visual design.

Lingua Extraterrestris

This is my personal investigation into the limits of communication. I looked at historical and fictional instances of communicating with extraterrestrial intelligence to draw some scientific and existential conclusions.

Mitosis and Meiosis

I created a set of visualisations explaining the cellular processes of mitosis and meiosis. Published under an open license, the diagrams became popular on Wikipedia pages.